Michael Whitt's Personal Website.

Real world has delayed my updating to the new page I am working on for the site.  I had planned to have the new page up and running by the end of May but as you can see that hasn't happened.  So I am shooting for the end of July 2018.   Part of it is spending time working on the CSS and Javascript for the new page while the other half is working on the sensor programs that I am going to be tying in from my Raspberry Pi Single Board Computer cluster.   At any rate thank you for your patience while I do the reorg of the page.

I blame part of the delay in some esoteric things I have been playing with in Python as well.   As I have mentioned in the past many decades ago I ran a few computer bulletin board systems, this was very pre-WWW.  So one of the Pi boards I am setting up a mock BBS for the fun of it and looking to tie it in with the website.   I want it to look as authentic as possible including things like door applications (maybe even emulate some of the freeware ones).   I don't know if anyone besides myself and a few of my old fellow SysOps would enjoy it but it is more of a passion project that I have been stewing on.    I have put aside most of my electronics based projects while I work on this other than a few of my sensor projects that are more of a test bed for some things that my Dad has practical applications for in his horticulture business.

In the meantime feel free to contact me at: mlw@michaelwhitt.com

I apologize in advance if this site isn't formatted great for mobile devices.   Like I said, it's a quick and dirty placeholder site for my final project.