17 movies for 2017

Seventeen films I am looking forward to in 2017.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets – Luc Besson was behind The Fifth Element, one of my favorite movies. I think he will do the source material justice. The movie is based on the French comic series Valerian and Laureline. It is a pretty cool series and should provide plenty of ideas for Besson to run with.

Ghost in the Shell – Unfortunately this movie has gotten a bad rap for whitewashing the lead character, swapping out the Japanese character in place of an white actress. That aside, the trailer appears to be faithful to the cult classic
anime film.

The Mummy – Now billed as the first of the Classic Monster Reboot, The Mummy trailer looks interesting, though honestly it looks like Mission Impossible – The Mummy. I guess one can only see Tom Cruise jumping out of airplanes so many times before these scenes start to blend in together. That said, I am hopeful that the Classic Monster Reboot will get off to a good start.

John Wick: Chapter 2 – I have seen the first film no less than five times now. John Wick was a big sleeper hit for me. I  have to say that the character role fits pretty much in line with Keanu’s acting range. I can’t wait for the sequel, I
doubt that the movie will change up the formula much from the last film, but then again I don’t think that is a bad thing.

Star Wars: Episode VIII – After seeing Episode VII and now Rogue One, I think that there is plenty of room to continue  expanding the movie franchise. Luckily the last two Star Wars films have managed to undo most of the bad taste that Episodes I, II and III left us with.

The Dark Tower – A Steven King movie that has long been overdue for a movie translation. The casting of Ibris and Matthew as the Gunslinger and Man in Black puts some acting chops into place, er, well Ibris anyway.

War for the Planet of the Apes – If you haven’t seen the first two from the Planet of the Apes reboot, you need to do so
and then be excited for the next in the saga. This time the Apes go up against Woody Harrison.

Wonder Woman – I have wanted a WW film for a while now. I think she is well overdue. After almost getting a TV series the most famous woman in the DC universe is finally going to hit the big screen. While Gal Gadot was not my first, or twenty-first pick to fill the role as Diana, she proved herself in Batman V. Superman by stealing the movie. Set during the Great War the film not only brings Wonder Woman to the screen but also a time period that hasn’t been shown as much.

Kong: Skull Island – Disclaimer, I like my giant monsters to have the name Godzilla. King Kong always has set second fiddle  to the king of all monsters. So I am not as hyped by Kong as I am the next Godzilla film, nor Pacific Rim 2. However maybe the film can wash away the bad memories of Mighty Joe and the remake with Jack Black. It has Samuel L. Jackson in it so it can’t be all that bad.

Logan – Hugh Jackman isn’t getting any younger so it is past time for him to finish up his time as The Wolverrine. Sure his cameos have been great, and while I didn’t like Origins: Wolverine, I thought the second stand alone film was okay. Logan appears to be following, at least somewhat, the Old Man Logan story line. I think it will be a fitting end to the character.

Power Rangers – I was a bit too old to get into Power Rangers when they came out. That’s not to say that I haven’t watched a few episodes here and there. When I heard a new Power Rangers film was coming out I actually didn’t care, the trailer changed that however. This Power Rangers movie looks grown-up and appears to be set to appeal to those who grew up watching them much like how G.I. Joe and Transformers appealed to my generation. I doubt I will catch it at the theater but I will be waiting for it to hit Redbox.

Alien: Covenant – Prometheus wasn’t the hit that Ridley Scott had wanted. Sure it was enough to keep fans of the Alien series to stay seated and warrant another go at it. Hopefully this time Ridley Scott will focus on what made Alien and Aliens such hits.

Thor: Ragnarok – Marvel has not one, not two but three films coming out in 2017. Other than a post credit scene with the Sorcerer Supreme, Thor hasn’t been seen since Avengers: Age of Ulton. Will we finally see Odin unmasked as Loki? Will  Thanos make a real appearance by the end? Just how much of Planet Hulk is being pulled into the film?

Justice League – Batman V. Superman was a very blah movie. Aside from the scenes with Wonder Woman the film feel pretty  flat on it’s face. Will getting the whole gang, sans Green Lantern, finally be the DC movie we have been waiting for or will it be a final notice that DC needs to keep to the small screen? I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Guardians of the Galaxy : Vol. 2 – The first GotG was somewhat of a sleeper hit for Marvel. While it had a good cast it
centered around characters not known by the general public outside comic book fans. The space opera setting was another unknown. However it quickly became a huge hit and everyone wanted a baby Groot to dance on their desk. Will they be able to pull it off a second time? Hopefully, but if nothing else you can bet it will have a killer soundtrack.

Spider-Man: Homecoming – With a somewhat fourth wall breaking name, Spider-Man finally is coming back to Marvel’s control and with it opening up the already existing Marvel Connected Universe. While we got to see a scene with Peter Parker and Tony Stark, and some great moments during the Airport battle of Captain America: Civil War this will be a true homecoming for Spider-Man to work towards coming an Avenger.