Still alive, I think, lol.

Still been pretty under the weather.  I try to keep doing advanced Python programming tutorials when I feel up to it as well as read from one of my rather extensive programming book collection.

Been studying more on Webscrapping and Regular Expressions lately.

Fatigue from MS sucks.

Still fighting my MS issues.  Have good days and bad, with the bad outweighing the good.  Still average three to four show stopping migraines a week.  Fatigue and concentration are the second and third major issues.

Started on a new anti-fatigue medication a couple days ago, but haven’t seen a lot of improvement yet.  Was trying to watch an advanced Python programming video and couldn’t focus even though I really wanted to.

Haven’t even felt like playing a game. I have Nioh, Nier: Autonoma, Horizon Zero Dawn and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands to play, not to mention Mass Effect Andromeda in a couple weeks.  Occasionally I might feel up to ten or fifteen minutes of playing before fatigue kicks in.

I hate the fatigue.  It’s not a “I’m sleepy” or “worn out” feeling.  It’s a don’t have the energy or ability to move even though I really want to.  I keep hoping that it will get better.  Some times it is.  Sometimes I can go from zero to sixty for a bit.  Little burst of energy.  Sadly those bursts are very far and few in between.