Fatigue from MS sucks.

Still fighting my MS issues.  Have good days and bad, with the bad outweighing the good.  Still average three to four show stopping migraines a week.  Fatigue and concentration are the second and third major issues.

Started on a new anti-fatigue medication a couple days ago, but haven’t seen a lot of improvement yet.  Was trying to watch an advanced Python programming video and couldn’t focus even though I really wanted to.

Haven’t even felt like playing a game. I have Nioh, Nier: Autonoma, Horizon Zero Dawn and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands to play, not to mention Mass Effect Andromeda in a couple weeks.  Occasionally I might feel up to ten or fifteen minutes of playing before fatigue kicks in.

I hate the fatigue.  It’s not a “I’m sleepy” or “worn out” feeling.  It’s a don’t have the energy or ability to move even though I really want to.  I keep hoping that it will get better.  Some times it is.  Sometimes I can go from zero to sixty for a bit.  Little burst of energy.  Sadly those bursts are very far and few in between.