Flare-up stuff

Had an appointment with my local Neurologist today.  I went prepared for hospital stay but glad I didn’t have to.

Was also afraid that I would have new MRI done, luckily she decided not to since my symptoms are the same I have had each flare-up.

I learnt that the steroid infusion only helps speed the point to feel better.  I knew that each flare-up takes a little more from you each time, but I thought the steroids helped with keeping things at bay.  Still learn stuff near about MS all the time.

Having issues with coordination, headaches and naseau still but going to have to deal with it and hope I get feeling better, if not my doctor may still have to give me the infusions but since my blood sugar has been good I would hate to mess that up if I don’t have to.


MS Flare-up or not?

I continue to go back and forth on my stupid migraines.  I have been having some other MS relapse symptoms lately but sometimes it is hard to tell what is a flare-up and what is side effects from medicine and so forth.  I have talked about that before.  I used to follow a number of Facebook groups and MS forums but Multiple Sclerosis presents it’s self so differently from person to person that it often misleads you reading that stuff.  It’s like getting lab results and going to google the results when they are out of normal range.  Suddenly you are falling down the rabbit hole of OMG I have this or that.

I am really trying to avoid E.R. trips and hospital stays this year.  In the past when I feel like this I usually have had to get Steroid infusions.   Most of the times in the past I was able to have the infusions done as an outpatient over three days, however the last time I had to stay for 5 days.  That time I also had three hours of MRIs done in one setting.  Not claustrophobic, well I wasn’t before that extended set of MRI.  Since the summer of 2015 I have had many MRIs taken but I can say that anything over 90 minutes starts to be a breaking point.

I see my Neurologist in a couple days.  I am debating if I want to go ahead and call her early and see about an IV infusion as an outpatient or if I should contact my MS Neurologist and see if he will order one for me.  I don’t want to step on my local Neurologist toes on one-hand but on the other I don’t want to be admitted for 5 days inpatient if I can help it.  I hate trying to decide stuff like this.  Guess I need to talk it over with Kim and see what she thinks.

Fun with htaccess and SSL

Note to self, mucking around with your htaccess files at 4:30am when you are feeling bad and not thinking straight is not a good idea.  LOL.  Well I guess it was better than where I screwed up my SSL, which lead to me updating my .htaccess file, long story.

Attempting to keep skills up.

The laptop I use has a newer Kaby Lake processor in it.  I had a good deal of problems with getting the sound to work, and then the correct video drivers for my discrete Nvidia card.  As much as I like Linux Mint I finally gave up after 18.1 Serene just caused too many issues.  I switched over to Ubuntu 14.0.4 and got everything working okay, then moved on to 16.04 and everything seems to be good now.

I had completely gotten ride of Windows 10 on the laptop.  I have gotten where I loathe windows.   I haven’t had any time to practice my coding skills as I have spent most of my time lately when I have felt like it resolving various server issues and MX issues for a website Danielle wanted me set up for her and her friends.   Finally got that fixed then she was having problems some of her Apps so I got that resolved.  Considering I have the early signs of an MS Flareup the past few days I am afraid I will have to place my troubleshooting and attempts to keep my skills somewhat up to date on hold for a few days.