Keep meaning to post more on here but then fail to do so.  Today was an up and down day. Early I had a migraine but finally it faded at noon. Went to the movies with the girls and right as the movie hit the migraine came back.

For the first fifteen minutes of Wonder Woman I had those stupid visual auras and couldn’t see. Finally it cleared up again, at least until tonight and it hit yet again along with nausea , argh.

I got Just Dance 2017 for Dani.  She was going crazy over it until she wore herself out. Fun watching her but I think it added to my nausea seeing her jump around so much.

In other news I haven’t kept up on my Python and Java studying like I told myself I would.  I really want to get focusing on it again on the days I feel at least half alive.

MS wise since my last posting I had another relapse that lasted for a week.  I think that I had over done it the days leading up to it.

My fatigue is still bad a lot of days. I am on Adderall to help but I don’t want to take it every day as it adds to my problems sleeping.  So far the biggest benefit is that I don’t find myself getting as sleepy when I drive.

Well I should be trying to sleep. I can tell though that I am going to have a hard time doing so.