Belief systems

I find it hard to talk about religion. While I often meditate on spiritual things, as a general rule I avoid organized religion.

I am not an overly social guy, and also tend to not hold a lot sacred so to speak.  It’s not to say that I don’t have plenty of rules or principles, I do.   And I relate as a Christian of Baptist denomination as it was my upbringing.

However I tend to be imperial in logic, liking to back my beliefs. Whole I whole heart lying believe in God, I tend to believe he creates via rules he set forth in nature.  I have no spiritual problem believing that man adapted over thousands of years.  I don’t say evolved as to me there are still too many missing links to believe that.

As far as philosophy goes, I try my best to follow Buddhism.  No Buddhism isn’t a religion, it is a philosophy which quite honest I find fits okay with Christianity.  No I do believe in reincarnation or such.  My beliefs on the matter are purely that the Four Noble Truths and Eight fold path when followed just as a philosophy doesn’t contribute my biblical upbringing.

I have mentioned before that I tend to be Agnostic in many ways, or Deistic in others.  Agnostic is not atheism, far from in.  Atheists are usual just as stuck in there beliefs as other religions.  No Agnostics believe that there is a creator but he is unknowable. Nature proves intelligent design, but we tend to have problems putting faith in what we can’t see or prove.

As far as Deistic, I find it is somewhat similar.  However it is likened to a Watchmaker. God created his creation and doesn’t intervene with his creation.  Funny tidbit a large number of the Founding Fathers were Desist.

I often have trouble on how to express my beliefs to my daughter.  I want her to come to her own beliefs but I still want to impart wisdom to her.  The problem is that I don’t want her to ever look aback and think she believes what she believes solely because that was how she was raised.  Yes just like my parents did for me I want to set the moral framework for her, but I want her to look back and know she believes what she believes based on her heart and mind and not just the fact it was all she knew.

I do pray, I pray to God, and often Jesus.  Partly because I was raised that way, partly because regardless of the prior story it does feel right.  I don’t pray to another deity.  If you ask me on the street I will say that I am Christian.  While I have agnostic beliefs, I was still raised in a Christian home and my values are Christian.

Of course that leads into what is a Christian. I would say very, very few people live as true Christians.  Sure they go to Church, but I don’t think tending Church once or twice a week makes you Christian, just a church goer.  Do you live by Jesus teachings, I mean really live by them? I can’t say that I know many if any who actually do.  Quoting scripture and being able to sing a hymnal isn’t the same.

I hope that I haven’t offended anyone too much.  I don’t apologize for what I believe, no more than I feel anyone else should have to as long as their beliefs are not hurting others.  In the end we all met our creator and have to answer for ourselves.