App programming

Can’t sleep tonight so I am messing with App creation.

I am not a fan of Java.  I can get around on it but unlike Python, VB.NET, PHP and C it just isn’t my thing.

Of course as an Android user the house is built on the altar of Java.  There are alternatives like using Kivy or encapsulated Html within Sketchware. None of them really so what I want.

Since my coding these days is just to try to keep my mind fresh and hopefully pick up a new skill here and there really all I want is something straight forward.  The apps that I write aren’t going to be anything useful other than to me as experiments so I really am not concerned with performance, style or whatnot.

So the Kivy based Pyonic Interpreter is what I am focusing on mostly. It can do a few things but I have had import issues with it.