Rant about Android app development or I Hate Java.

I have been still trying to keep up and increasing maybe my coding skills.  I have been trying to focus more lately on Java instead of my Python fixation of late.

The main reason is for app development for some little hobby projects that I have thought about for old android phones I have laying around.

I have dabbled off and on since the late 90s with Java but mostly just enough to read Java code to an extent without.

Being a fairly old school PC programmer I still find myself stuck in procedural programming ways. Even within languages that I have used a fair bit of like VB.Net I would go out of my way to avoid OOP.

Of course Java is rooted firmly in Object Oriented Programming.  Just like C#, and C++ it builds on the foundation of procedure C code with OOP concepts.

The funny thing is that I understand OOP. I do get the draw. I understand why Encapsulation, Method Overloading, and the very idea of Objects sharing properties and methods makes sense, it’s just that taking an language like C that I was comfortable with procedurally and putting OOP concepts on top never sat right with me.

I don’t have the same issue with languages that were built from the ground up without harking back to a prior procedural language. OOP in Python and Ruby work and feel natural to me.

But I digress, the problem is that Android is fairly locked to Java. Sure there is Kivy and the Pyonic Python app that all you to run Python scripts within an app, but by the very nature this leads to slow code being interpreted instead of compiled code.

So here I am trying to flesh out my Java knowledge all the while not really liking the language but doing so because it is about the only real option.