Programming and MS Cog Fog

I have mentioned before one of my bugger Multiple Sclerosis issues is quick recall and short term memory.  As I mentioned while I am on long term disability attempting to get better one of the things I have been trying to do is keep my skills fresh and pick up a few more.

For most of my years programming I have always kept reference guides around to help with syntax.  I think it is a pitfall of having worked with dozens of programming languages over the years.  With each new language you focus on, that is one more that you have to keep separate from the others you know.

The problem is that I have those darn recall problems so I am more dependent that ever on looking up correct syntax for whatever language I am using.   Concept wise I don’t have any problems.  I know how to work a problem, it’s just that I really rely on reference manuals now more than ever.