Microcontroller ideas… if only I felt like doing them.

When my head doesn’t feel like its going to explode and I get a break from my MS fatigue (which isn’t often) I continue to try to decide on a project to do to work on keeping my skills up and hopefully improve my memory.

I was going to do a little Android application for a couple friends and I all who would like to see a easy to use program for keeping our notes and so forth ready-in-hand for doctor visits.  I haven’t given up on that idea but have put it on the side at the moment until I can brush up on my Java skills.

In the meantime I am still messing around with my Raspberry Pis.  I have 2 of the Raspberry Pi 3 units and 2 of the Zero Wireless units.  I like them because I can code GPIO simply enough via Python which is my current language of choice.  In addition to the Raspberry Pis I also have an Ardunio UNO and a BeagleBone Black which I can code in C on.

I really want to make box with one of them to monitor our fish tank for stuff like PH levels, temperature, and maybe have a fish cam as part of it.   I saw a good schematic / sketch online the other day for a temperature sensor I want to try out as well.  Bought a cheap little stand along wireless chip that I can  prototype using a breadboard for.

I have plenty of ideas, just not enough “feel good” time to do them.  I