On why Chronic Migraines are not just a bad headache.

Well I wasn’t going to post anything tonight aside from my prior post, but my head is bothering me so I am sure I will not be able to sleep yet.   Between my MS and chronic migraines I haven’t had a fun year.  I received my first round of Botox injections for my migraines back about seven weeks ago and while I do believe it has helped it I still fight migraines to the point that they seem almost constant.  I have taken pretty much the entire gambit of migraine medications and then some.  I started yet on another one this week.  The majority of the medicines I take or have taken in the past tend to be anticonvulsant in nature.  I honestly don’t see much change when I take them other than being drowsy and having a harder time thinking.  Still though I rather take them than Topamax again.  Topamax did help but at the levels I had to take it to help I was a zombie.  It certainly was one cure that in many ways was worse than the original problem.

One problem I run into is a lot of people really don’t know the difference between someone that suffers from Migraines and someone that just has headaches.  Migraines are a whole different ballgame than the average tension or sinus headache.  I think the easiest way for me to put it is imagine a tension or sinus headache being a paper cut on your arm.  Now with that in mind imagine the difference between that paper cut and having your arm ripped off.  Yeah, slight difference isn’t it?   When I have a sinus or tension headache I can still function.  Sure the pain is annoying and can cause problems with concentration but when I am having a migraine not only do I often go blind for all intents and purposes but trying to concentrate is like being in a small room with strobe lights and a jet engine roaring in your face and being unable to get away.

To people that haven’t had a migraine you most likely are thinking, “what a wimp” or “this dude is really overstating it”.  I assure you that I am not.  It truly can and is a debilitating health issue. Then for me personally it can and often does drive up my blood sugar due to the pain as well as I believe sets off my other Multiple Sclerosis symptoms.  All already it is no fun.   I don’t like not being able to multitask like I used to.  I don’t like that I can rarely get enjoyment out of my hobbies like gaming.   I certainly do not like that often I don’t feel like having conversations with my family.  I hate that my daughter may feel like I am upset with her when really I am not.  I don’t like that I never know when a migraine will hit.   Will I have to pull over on my way to town because my vision starts to get blurred?  If I want to take my wife to a concert will I be able to make it without an attack?

I am not one to hide my weakness.  I don’t think it does good to do so.  Migraines are certainly one of my weaknesses.  I hate them with a passion.  I hope by my sharing that if there is someone out there who doesn’t understand them can maybe finally have some understanding on what they are like.  Maybe they have a loved one that gets them and they don’t understand why the person that has them acts like they are a big deal will understand.   While I have Diabetes and MS to me neither of those two diseases hold a candle to my chronic migraines when it comes to impacting my day to day life.