Attempting to keep skills up.

The laptop I use has a newer Kaby Lake processor in it.  I had a good deal of problems with getting the sound to work, and then the correct video drivers for my discrete Nvidia card.  As much as I like Linux Mint I finally gave up after 18.1 Serene just caused too many issues.  I switched over to Ubuntu 14.0.4 and got everything working okay, then moved on to 16.04 and everything seems to be good now.

I had completely gotten ride of Windows 10 on the laptop.  I have gotten where I loathe windows.   I haven’t had any time to practice my coding skills as I have spent most of my time lately when I have felt like it resolving various server issues and MX issues for a website Danielle wanted me set up for her and her friends.   Finally got that fixed then she was having problems some of her Apps so I got that resolved.  Considering I have the early signs of an MS Flareup the past few days I am afraid I will have to place my troubleshooting and attempts to keep my skills somewhat up to date on hold for a few days.