Flare-up stuff

Had an appointment with my local Neurologist today.  I went prepared for hospital stay but glad I didn’t have to.

Was also afraid that I would have new MRI done, luckily she decided not to since my symptoms are the same I have had each flare-up.

I learnt that the steroid infusion only helps speed the point to feel better.  I knew that each flare-up takes a little more from you each time, but I thought the steroids helped with keeping things at bay.  Still learn stuff near about MS all the time.

Having issues with coordination, headaches and naseau still but going to have to deal with it and hope I get feeling better, if not my doctor may still have to give me the infusions but since my blood sugar has been good I would hate to mess that up if I don’t have to.


MS Flare-up or not?

I continue to go back and forth on my stupid migraines.  I have been having some other MS relapse symptoms lately but sometimes it is hard to tell what is a flare-up and what is side effects from medicine and so forth.  I have talked about that before.  I used to follow a number of Facebook groups and MS forums but Multiple Sclerosis presents it’s self so differently from person to person that it often misleads you reading that stuff.  It’s like getting lab results and going to google the results when they are out of normal range.  Suddenly you are falling down the rabbit hole of OMG I have this or that.

I am really trying to avoid E.R. trips and hospital stays this year.  In the past when I feel like this I usually have had to get Steroid infusions.   Most of the times in the past I was able to have the infusions done as an outpatient over three days, however the last time I had to stay for 5 days.  That time I also had three hours of MRIs done in one setting.  Not claustrophobic, well I wasn’t before that extended set of MRI.  Since the summer of 2015 I have had many MRIs taken but I can say that anything over 90 minutes starts to be a breaking point.

I see my Neurologist in a couple days.  I am debating if I want to go ahead and call her early and see about an IV infusion as an outpatient or if I should contact my MS Neurologist and see if he will order one for me.  I don’t want to step on my local Neurologist toes on one-hand but on the other I don’t want to be admitted for 5 days inpatient if I can help it.  I hate trying to decide stuff like this.  Guess I need to talk it over with Kim and see what she thinks.

Fun with htaccess and SSL

Note to self, mucking around with your htaccess files at 4:30am when you are feeling bad and not thinking straight is not a good idea.  LOL.  Well I guess it was better than where I screwed up my SSL, which lead to me updating my .htaccess file, long story.

Still alive, I think, lol.

Still been pretty under the weather.  I try to keep doing advanced Python programming tutorials when I feel up to it as well as read from one of my rather extensive programming book collection.

Been studying more on Webscrapping and Regular Expressions lately.

Fatigue from MS sucks.

Still fighting my MS issues.  Have good days and bad, with the bad outweighing the good.  Still average three to four show stopping migraines a week.  Fatigue and concentration are the second and third major issues.

Started on a new anti-fatigue medication a couple days ago, but haven’t seen a lot of improvement yet.  Was trying to watch an advanced Python programming video and couldn’t focus even though I really wanted to.

Haven’t even felt like playing a game. I have Nioh, Nier: Autonoma, Horizon Zero Dawn and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands to play, not to mention Mass Effect Andromeda in a couple weeks.  Occasionally I might feel up to ten or fifteen minutes of playing before fatigue kicks in.

I hate the fatigue.  It’s not a “I’m sleepy” or “worn out” feeling.  It’s a don’t have the energy or ability to move even though I really want to.  I keep hoping that it will get better.  Some times it is.  Sometimes I can go from zero to sixty for a bit.  Little burst of energy.  Sadly those bursts are very far and few in between.

First blog post of 2017.

Wow This will be my first post of 2017.  I just haven’t thought much about the blog I guess.   Pretty much all I’ve been up to is studying Python, the occasional game, and keeping up with CCW firearms.

Currently  I have a Ruger LCP2, LC9S Pro, a Smith & Wesson Shield, a Springfield Armory XDM and a XDS.  I usually pocket carry the LCP2 and IWB carry the LC9S Pro.

I pretty much love Striker-fired, polymer-framed subcompacts in 9mm for concealed carry. The exception being when I pocket carry the LCP2 which is hammer-fired in .380.  Occasionally I will also carry a DAO hammerless revolver in .38spl.

As far as gaming goes I have been playing Overwatch and Nioh.  Really love Nioh. It’s hard, frustratingly so at times, but that is the point.  Right now Nioh is my favorite PS4 game.  Looking forward to Hoizon Zero Dawn later this month and Nier: Autoama next month, not to mention Mass Effect: Andromeda.

As far as my programming, studying up on Web Scrapping via Python right now.  Need to study more to feel productive but don’t feel well enough a lot of days to be able to focus.

My MS is about the same as is my chronic migraines.  Some days are ok, then others keep me mostly in bed.  Just never know what to expect.

My daughter is doing well.  She spends most of her free time on Musical.ly to the point of annoying those around her.  She enjoys it though so hard to knock her too much ch about it.  Of course when I was her age I was busy helping in the family business or learning to program.

Still read as much as I can when I am up to it.  TV wise pretty much just watch Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Gotham, the 100 and Colony.

Happy Holidays

Still alive, I think.  Have good days and bad ones.  Been trying to see if I can focus on brushing up on my Python programming skills when I feel up to it.  Outside of that I haven’t been up to much other than re-watching SG1 seasons.  I still plan on getting around to scheduling some new song of the days but when I usually feel up to something like that I have other things I need to focus on.  If I don’t post again before Christmas, everyone have a good and safe holiday season.

On why Chronic Migraines are not just a bad headache.

Well I wasn’t going to post anything tonight aside from my prior post, but my head is bothering me so I am sure I will not be able to sleep yet.   Between my MS and chronic migraines I haven’t had a fun year.  I received my first round of Botox injections for my migraines back about seven weeks ago and while I do believe it has helped it I still fight migraines to the point that they seem almost constant.  I have taken pretty much the entire gambit of migraine medications and then some.  I started yet on another one this week.  The majority of the medicines I take or have taken in the past tend to be anticonvulsant in nature.  I honestly don’t see much change when I take them other than being drowsy and having a harder time thinking.  Still though I rather take them than Topamax again.  Topamax did help but at the levels I had to take it to help I was a zombie.  It certainly was one cure that in many ways was worse than the original problem.

One problem I run into is a lot of people really don’t know the difference between someone that suffers from Migraines and someone that just has headaches.  Migraines are a whole different ballgame than the average tension or sinus headache.  I think the easiest way for me to put it is imagine a tension or sinus headache being a paper cut on your arm.  Now with that in mind imagine the difference between that paper cut and having your arm ripped off.  Yeah, slight difference isn’t it?   When I have a sinus or tension headache I can still function.  Sure the pain is annoying and can cause problems with concentration but when I am having a migraine not only do I often go blind for all intents and purposes but trying to concentrate is like being in a small room with strobe lights and a jet engine roaring in your face and being unable to get away.

To people that haven’t had a migraine you most likely are thinking, “what a wimp” or “this dude is really overstating it”.  I assure you that I am not.  It truly can and is a debilitating health issue. Then for me personally it can and often does drive up my blood sugar due to the pain as well as I believe sets off my other Multiple Sclerosis symptoms.  All already it is no fun.   I don’t like not being able to multitask like I used to.  I don’t like that I can rarely get enjoyment out of my hobbies like gaming.   I certainly do not like that often I don’t feel like having conversations with my family.  I hate that my daughter may feel like I am upset with her when really I am not.  I don’t like that I never know when a migraine will hit.   Will I have to pull over on my way to town because my vision starts to get blurred?  If I want to take my wife to a concert will I be able to make it without an attack?

I am not one to hide my weakness.  I don’t think it does good to do so.  Migraines are certainly one of my weaknesses.  I hate them with a passion.  I hope by my sharing that if there is someone out there who doesn’t understand them can maybe finally have some understanding on what they are like.  Maybe they have a loved one that gets them and they don’t understand why the person that has them acts like they are a big deal will understand.   While I have Diabetes and MS to me neither of those two diseases hold a candle to my chronic migraines when it comes to impacting my day to day life.

Song of the Day selection

If my song of the day selection seems weird from time to time the reason is that I took a few hundred songs that I have enjoyed over the years and stuck them into a spreadsheet and randomly sorted the spreadsheet so one day might be a Country song, the next a top 40 song and the next a Metal song.  As I prefer 90s Alternative and modern rock there are naturally more of these type of songs in the mix.    I currently have song of the days scheduled through most of the summer.  I like scheduling postings days, weeks or even months in advance to make sure there is always something new posted.